About Us

Four Pillars is a review site that interviews cleaning business guests and also does extensive reviews on each business so that your are well informed. These may be great or bad reviews but nonetheless we will post our findings. The companies we interview will have advance knowledge of what we find out about them and will be given the option to be interviewed. Our good or bad review of each company will be published so that everyone will be able to make informed buying decisions. We are going to be the first of this kind to give an expose of each cleaning business we find operating in the Central Florida area. Some bad companies give a bad name to good cleaning companies and we want to not only share the good ones but post all the bad ones. We are industry professionals with decades of experience. Some of our writers also own cleaning businesses themselves but will only review outside companies that they don’t operate. Stay tuned for all the stories and updates and we thank you for learning more about who we are!